Rosanne Olson

Rosanne Olson works in both fine art and commercial photography. She has a master’s degree in journalism from the University of Oregon. During the past 20 years her photography has won many awards including a National Addy Citation of Excellence and inclusion in numerous “Communication Arts” Annuals and “Graphis” Photography Annuals. She was featured in a cover story for the January/February 2004 Communication Arts magazine and the July 2004 edition of “View Camera” Magazine.

Rosanne’s fine art work has been included in many solo and group shows across the country. Her teaching credits include workshops in Seattle at Photo Center Northwest as well as the Santa Fe Workshops where she focuses on helping photographers access or enhance their creativity.

She has published two books: “Pinhole Travels—Meditations of Place” and “Body Image—how women feel about their bodies”.

Rosanne lives in Seattle with her husband Ted McMahon, a pediatrician and writer, along with their two cats, Maxx and Zoë.

A Selection of Solo Exhibitions:
2005 The Iris Gallery of Fine Art Images, Great Barrington, MA
2005 Watermark Gallery, Houston
2004 Benham Gallery (Animal Dreams)
2002 Robin Rice Gallery, New York (May/June)
2001 McCabe Gallery (Fredericksburg, TX—Pinhole Travels)
2001 Photozone Gallery (University of Oregon Museum of Art--Pinhole Travels)
2000 Benham Gallery, Seattle (4+20 Blackbirds)
1999 Torrefazione Italia Cafes (July-September—Pinhole Travels)
1998 Benham Gallery, Seattle (December—Pinhole Travels)

A Selection of Awards:
2013 Bronze medal in the Fine Art category for the series entitled 'Rapture' at the annual Prix de la Photographie Paris (PX3)
2004 Communication Arts cover story Jan/Feb issue
View Camera Magazine feature July/Aug issue
2002 Communication Arts
2002 Photography AnnualCreativity 32—Award of Distinction (Blackbird Calendar)
2002 Graphis “Flora” Book
2001 Communication Arts
2001 Photography Annual
2000 Communicatin Arts
2000 Photography AnnualGraphis Photo Annual (two photographs)
1999 Communication Arts
1999 Photography AnnualGraphis Photo Annual
1999 Graphis Nudes
1998 Communication Arts
1998 Photography AnnualGraphis Poster Annual
1998 How Magazine 1998 (Flora Calendar)
1997 Communication Arts
1997 Photography AnnualGraphis Photo Annual
1996 Communication Arts Advertising Annual
1995 Graphis Photo Annual

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