Lonny Kalfus

Growing up in Brooklyn, NY during the ‘50s and ‘60s, Lonny Kalfus remembers his parent’s growing collection of fine art along with his father’s penchant for bringing home odd cameras. His own first camera was the now discontinued Miranda, from which he began making his first photographs during the turbulent late sixties in New York. He credits his wife, a painter and graduate of FIT, for exposing him to the world of art and he points to British photographer Bill Brandt and Hungarian photographer Laszlo Moholy-Nage as early photographic influences.

Currently a commercial photographer, Lonny Kalfus has lived and worked in and around New York City all of his life. His modern graphic images capture the city’s grandeur, as well as an endless supply of urban peculiarities and details from around the globe. His more recent work reflects the rural landscape that surrounds him in his new home, an old farmhouse, located in Columbia County, New York. Many of his rich color images, created by cross-processing color transparency film, evoke a retro technicolor feeling that gives a timeless feeling to the scenes he photographs. Furthering the sense of toying with time, Lonny enjoys revisiting his photographs by capturing the same scenes during different seasons.

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