Lisa Holden

Lisa Holden (born in London, and currently lives and works in Amsterdam) holds Masters Degrees in Art from the Sandberg Instituut and Ateliers Arnhem, along with a Masters Degrees in English Literature and Language. An adopted child of South African and Austrian parentage, Holden grew up in Britain. Her multi-layered works explore her ongoing interest in themes of personal and collective identity and constructed realities. Her interpretations of identity and the fabric of memory blend imagery from classical art, early photography and consumer culture. Holden constructs images out of multiple layers building in ambiguity; which in turn creates a space into which viewers can insert themselves and their own narrative. In a painstaking process, Holden integrates hand-painted sections into her digital compositions, often photographing and re-photographing parts of the image to produce a final work that has a sense of depth, texture and movement. In her handling of themes of identity and the body, Holden draws on very diverse sources ranging from studio photography to collage and montage techniques often used in surrealist work. She also has an interest in the compositional and patterning elements of Japanese woodcuts, in the handling of light and shade found in artists such as Caravaggio, and the delicacy and refinement epitomized by early painters like the Flemish masters, and Hans Holbein.

Lisa Holden has exhibited in the USA, the UK and throughout Europe. Holden’s work is represented in a number of museums and corporate and private collections, including the Peabody Essex Museum, Salem, MA; Sammlung Land Tirol (Austria); GasUnie (NL); the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs; AKZO NOBEL (NL); ABN; AMRO, and Interpolis. It has also been featured in magazines, books and documentaries. Holden and her work also appear in the (as yet unreleased) documentary film on digital art, 3D: Darkly Digital and Divine, a film by Robert Adanto.

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