Lisa Cueman

Lisa grew up on the island of Bermuda, and is a 16th generation Bermudian. Never knowing exactly when she started riding but just knowing that she always could ride, Lisa has spent the majority of her time with or around horses.  In her early 30’s, she and her thoroughbred jumper boarded a container ship for a four-day, trans-Atlantic crossing and after reaching North America, she relocated to Ontario, Canada, in order to focus solely on training and competing. After several years, she retired her faithful travel companion and beloved equine partner, completely stepping away from being a horse owner and competitor. It was at this point, Lisa returned to the love for photography that she had first discovered during high school.

It was a photographer friend who advised her, “photograph what you really love” which turned Lisa’s attention back to the horses, drawing her into an environment that she knew and loved, but this time with a camera in her hand. In developing her new path, Lisa’s skills were honed while attending technical programs at The Maine Photographic Workshops and as well as workshops conducted elsewhere. Riveted by their raw beauty, Lisa is drawn in to be physically closer, abstracting her subjects in order to emphasize their beauty, forms, textures and lines that she finds so seductive and irresistible.  In doing so, Lisa hopes to present the horse, as if for the first time, and in a way that perhaps many have not been seen before.

Lisa has found inspiration in the works of photographers Tim Flach, Nick Brandt and Amanda Jones, all well known for their very elegant and different approaches to the photography of animals.

Lisa now resides in Dorset, Vermont with her husband, a black Lab and a Rhodesian Ridgeback.

Selected Exhibitions:
2013  Solo Show, Iris Gallery, Aspen, CO
2013  Solo Show, “Captives In the Wild”, Tilting at Windmills, Manchester, VT
2013  Solo Show, Greensquare Tavern, New York City
2012  Art Hampton, Bridgehampton, NY
2011  Group Show, Equidae Gallery, Saratoga, NY
2011  Two Person Show, Iris Gallery, Boston, MA
2010  Group Show, Equidae Gallery, Saratoga, NY
2010  Solo Show, “Equus Up Close”.  Southern Vermont Arts Center, Manchester, Vermont

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