John Griebsch

John Griebsch is an aerial photographer and pilot whose aerial landscapes depict natural and man-made landforms. His images of the American landscape have been made from his vintage Cessna 170B, in which he has logged more than 100,000 miles.

"My aerial photographs present a sense of selective design applied to an extremely small and specific area of the vast landscape over which I fly. I find the need to make geographical sense of the earth, as well as the need to make visual sense of a photograph.

I work with ambiguity of scale, the graphic quality of nature and with the hand of man upon the landscape. My images have an abstract and often painterly quality. They are at once factual and interpretive.

Familiar landscapes take on a fresh context when airborne. The images require the confluence of several factors. There is the subject – a minuscule segment of the landscape that has captured my interest due to its sense of pattern, order or disarray. There is the essential contribution of light. There is the position and altitude of the airplane, and there is a need to capture the stillness and composition of the moment while moving over the subject at more than seventy miles per hour.

My earliest aerial photographs were of ice and farmland, made close to home. The scope of the work opened up on solo flights across the continent in my vintage 1952 Cessna 170B. Those flights are made to find images of landscapes on a grander scale as well as unfamiliar opportunities to find images that take in a small detail.

In my most recent work I’ve discovered what might be regarded as historical or documentary themes – some of the images of factories and quarries present
relics of the country’s industrial past, while my newer images of the landscape and agriculture denote changes in the scale of farming and open space.

My images are typically presented as framed 30” x40” or larger prints. Collections of my images have been placed in corporate and business settings and in private collections.

I started photographing when I was twelve years old. My father taught me to fly when I was fourteen years old. Before taking off on my first solo flight, he admonished me not to go out of sight of the airport. I was soon out of his view and yet from where I was, the airport was always in sight. Such are the perceptions of a photographer who is airborne." --- John Griebsch

Museum & Juried Shows
• 64th Rochester Finger Lakes Exhibition, Memorial Art Gallery, Rochester, New York. 2013
• Earth Through a Lens, Palm Springs California 2011 [Award winner]
• 62nd Rochester Finger Lakes Exhibition, Memorial Art Gallery, Rochester, New York. 2009 • 59th Rochester Finger Lakes Exhibition, Memorial Art Gallery, Rochester, New York. 2003 • International Photography Invitational, Fraser Gallery, Washington, DC. 2009

Solo and Two-Person Gallery Shows
• Iris Gallery, Boston. 2011- 2012
• The Gallery at Bausch and Lomb World Headquarters, Rochester, New York. 2006 • Lake Placid Center for the Arts, Lake Placid, New York. 2003
• The Elizabeth Collection, Rochester, New York. 1995
• The Little Theater Gallery, Rochester, New York. 1991

Group Gallery Shows
• Carrie Haddad Gallery, Hudson, New York. Summer 2013
• Summer Show, Iris Gallery, Boston, Massachusetts. 2010
• Snow White, Carrie Haddad Photographs, Hudson, New York. 2010 / 2011 • Such Great Heights, Carrie Haddad Photographs, Hudson, New York. 2009 • Sounding Out, Chicago Art Source, Chicago, Illinois. 2009
• Art Registry, Chase Contemporary, Washington, DC. 2009
• High Falls Art Gallery, Rochester, New York. 2000
• The Link Gallery, Rochester, New York. 1999
• Atrium Gallery, Rochester, New York. 1999

Corporate Collections
• Bausch and Lomb, New York
• Boylan Brown Code Vigdor & Wilson LLP, New York • Coldwell Banker Corporate Offices, New York
• Darby & Darby PC, Washington state
• Digene Corporation, Maryland
• Energy Networks, New York
• Gianniny Associates, New York
• Linklaters US, New York
• Kapstone Paper, Illinois
• Konar Properties, New York
• McArdle Ramerman, New York
• Paychex, New York
• Parkside Financial, Missouri
• DLA Piper Rudnick Cary Gray, LLP, New Jersey
• Reyes Holdings, Illinois
• Sherman Hospital, Illinois
• Strong Health, New York

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