Ezra Gozo Mansur

“After all the years in the business of photography, I have never lost the feeling for my own photography as an artform. I have always shot for myself, even when on an assignment for a client. I fill my free time with my own personal photography developing projects expressed in both black & white and color.”

In July, 2004 Ezra Gozo Mansur received a BA from Hebrew University and subsequently, after emmigrating to the United States in 1977, attended the School of Visual Arts in New York. Today he is an advertising photographer currently based in IsraelĀ  and has been recognized for his photographic excellence by Communication Arts Magazine, Graphis Magazine, Creativity Magazine, Photo District News and the International Advertising Awards of New York.

A master of interpreting light and color, Ezra brings us images from a range of locations around the world, in both Black & White and Color. His landscapes, many with moody clouds and skies, are perfectly balanced elements of light, texture and color. Many of these images have been acquired over the past dozen years as part of a ongoing project in which he spends one month a year traveling worldwide to satisfy personal photographic explorations.

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