Brigitte Carnochan

Immigrating to America from Germany with her family at the age of six, Brigitte fell in love with ballet, hoping to pursue a career as a professional dancer. In the real world, she first became a high school teacher then a university English teacher, and later worked in university development. Photography is her third career. She began working seriously in the medium twelve year ago, using friends from her dance classes as models. She has remained a dancer: “Dance provides me with models as well as therapy.”

She is also an avid gardener, which supplies her with many of her floral subjects. However, it is her hand coloring on traditional silver gelatin prints that she makes herself, that has captured the worldwide respect for her images. “Even though most people see the world in color, they do not see everything in the same exact colors. From an optical point of view, the colors we see depend on where we stand in relation to the object, where the sun is on the horizon, what color the walls are, or the tint of our glasses (or contact lenses), and so on. From a psychological point of view--everything depends on whether we are worried, elated, anxious, in love, lonely, distracted, or fully alert. For this reason, I often hand color my work, because the process allows me to interpret the essence of my subject according to my own imagination.”

Brigitte lives in Portola Valley, California, a town located in the coastal hills south of San Francisco. Her work has been exhibited in over two dozen individual and group shows across the country. Teaching workshops and giving university lectures has been a regular part of her life for the past decade. She is the recipient of numerous awards and is currently a board member of the Santa Fe Center for Photography.

Solo Exhibitions
2013 Natural Beauty—Platinum/Palladium, Verve Fine Arts, Santa Fe, New Mexico (also 2005, 2007, 2010)
2012 Imagining Then: A Family Story, 1941–47, Center for Photographic Art, Carmel
2011 Floating World, Iris Gallery, Boston, Massachusetts (also 2005 and 2008)
2010 Floating World, Galerie BMG, Woodstock, New York (also 2007)
2010 Floating World, Modernbook Gallery, San Francisco, California (also 2001, 2002, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2008)
2009 Colors of the Imagination: Painted Flowers, Wave Gallery, Brescia, Italy
2009 Imagining Then: A Family Story, 1941–47, Gallery 291, San Francisco, California)
2007 Anne Reed Gallery, Ketchum, Idaho
2006 Watermark Gallery, Houston, Texas
2004 Albuquerque Museum, Albuquerque, New Mexico
2002 North American–Chilean Cultural Institute, Valparaiso, Chile
2002 Stories about Riga, Latvian Museum of Fine Art, Riga, Latvia
2001 Barry Singer Gallery, Petaluma, California
1994 Granary Gallery, annual summer show, Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts (also 1995-2000)
1997 Peter Fetterman Photographic Works of Art, Santa Monica, California
1997 Photographer’s Gallery, Palo Alto, California

Selected Publications & Awards
2013 Brigitte Carnochan, Galerie Vevais Press, Germany, forthcoming 2013
2012 Floating World, Hudson Hills Press, 110 pp., December 2012
2006 Bella Figura: Painted Photographs by Brigitte Carnochan, Modernbook Editions, 127 pp., July 2006
2006 The Shining Path, Ltd. Edition monograph of 11 images, text, 21st Publications, May 2006
2013 Natural Beauty—Platinum/Palladium Images by Brigitte Carnochan, Peter Fetterman Gallery
2012 Imagining Then: A Family Story, 1941-47, exhibition catalog, Center for Photographic Art, 92 pp., May 2012
2004 Myth and the Natural World: Painted Photographs, exhibition catalog, Modernbook Gallery
2004 Organic Forms: Hand–Painted Photographs, exhibition catalog, Albuquerque Museum
1997 Colors of the Imagination: Painted Flowers and Nudes, exhibition catalogue, 32 pp., intro. Wanda Corn
Anthologies, Magazines & Blogs
2013, March 5, 2013
2013, January 12, 2013
2012 Photographers Speak, Dean Brierly,, August 28, 2012
2011 AfterCapture, review of Floating World, Barbara Smith, March 1, 2011
2010 The View Project, edited by Joyce Tenneson, Blurb Books, pp. 56-57
2010 Why Photographs Work, edited by George Barr, Rockynook Press, pp. 26-29
2010 Lenswork, “Floating World,” Cover interview & portfolio, November 2010
2010 The Woodstock Times, “Ageless Lyricism,” review, July 8, 2010
2010 Black & White Magazine, UK, article & photo (and 2012)
2010 Color Magazine, “Imagining Then: A Family Story, 1941–47,” interview & photo spread, issue #8, April/May
2009 Fotoritim, interview & photo spread, Istanbul,, November 2009
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2008 Imagining Then, Limited Edition portfolio of 10 matted images & letterpress text, November 2008
2007 Silvershotz, cover story & photo spread, vol. 4, edition 1, pp. 6–18, April 2007
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2001 Black & White Magazine, June 2001, interview & photo spread

Selected Teaching & Lectures
2012 Imagining Then: A Family Story, 1941-47, Photo Alliance, San Francisco, CA, July 14
2012 Imagining Then: A Family Story, 1941-47, Carmel Center for Photographic Art, May 12
2012 Imagining Then: A Family Story, 1941-47, De Anza College, April 26
2011 Guest Lecturer, San Francisco City College, April 11
2005–11 Creating a Photography Exhibition, Continuing Studies, Stanford University
2008–12 Self–Publishing Your Photographic Book, Continuing Studies, Stanford University
2007 A Company of Authors, book discussion, Stanford Humanities Center
2007 Personal Photographic Style, Continuing Studies, Stanford University
2004 Visiting Lecturer, Brooks Institute of Photography, Santa Barbara, California
2003 Illuminating the Nude, lecture & demonstration, PhotoPlus Expo, New York
2002–07, 10 The Photography Project, Continuing Studies, Stanford University
2000–05 Painted Photograph Workshop, Continuing Studies, Stanford University
1997–00 Infrared Figure Workshop, UC Santa Cruz workshop

Selected Group Exhibitions
2013 Figures Studied, Verve Fine Arts, Santa Fe, New Mexico
2013 Spring, AO Vertical Art Space, Hong Kong
2012–13 Aphrodite 2012: Sacred and Profane Purifications, Museum of Greek Folk Art, Athens, Greece
2012 Art of Photography Show, San Diego Art Institute, San Diego, CA
2011 Oaxaca XV Exhibition, Centro Fotografico Alvarez Bravo, Oaxaca, Mexico
2009 I. Wolk Gallery, St. Helena, California (with Patrick LoCicero and Mirang Wonne)
2006 Noble Processes, in a Digital Age: New Works in Handcrafted, Rare Media, John Stevenson Gallery, NYC
2002 Beauty is Truth: Our Celebration of an Enduring Idea, John Stevenson Gallery, NYC
2002 Flora, Gallery Sink, Denver, CO
1999 Brigitte Carnochan & Alison Shaw, Sandra Berler Fine Photographs, Washington, DC
1998 The Female Gaze: Women Looking at Men, Institute of Contemporary Art, San Jose, CA
1997 A Room with Three Views, 1870 Gallery, Belmont, CA
1996 Creating our Future, Mills College, Prieto Gallery, CA
1996 Unbound and Exposed, WCA, Works Gallery, San Jose, CA
1996 A Community of Artists, Center for Photographic Art, Carmel, CA

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