Beth Moon

2013  Monthly Photo, (Korea) 8 page spread, 12 photos with interview
2013  Civilization Magazine (China), 10 page spread, photos with interview
2013  Shots, (U. S.) cover with photo
2013  Mangazine (China), 5 photos with article
2012 Black and White Photography (UK), 60 Second Exposure, 4 photos, interview
2012  Bazaar Art (China), 12 page spread, 18 photos with interview
2012  LensWork, (U. S.)  Odin's Cove, 12 photos with interview
2012  Orion Magazine, (U. S.)  Island of the Dragon's Blood, 5 photos with text
2011  Rangefinder, (U. S.) The Artistic Vision of Beth Moon, interview, 11 photos
2011  The View Project  (U. S.) book compiled by Joyce Tenneson
2011  Why Photographs Work, (U. S.) book by George Barr
2010  LensWork, (U. S.) Augurs and Soothsayers, 14 photos with interview
2010  Blow (Ireland), Thy Kingdom Come 4 photos
2010  Rosebud, (U. S.) Portraits of Time, 6 photos, article
2010  Black and White Photography (UK), 3 photos, article
2010  Digitalis Foto (Hungary) cover,  
2009  Paseo Tiempo, (U. S.)  article, interview, 3 images
2009  LensWork, (U. S.) The Savage Garden, cover, 14 photos with interview
2009  Zoom International (Italy), 6 page spread with interview
2009  Fotoritum (Turkey),cover,  12 photos with article
2008  Shots, (U. S.) The Savage Garden, 8 page spread, interview
2008  Black and White (U.S.) September, Spotlight,  8 page spread
2008  Shots, (U. S.)  Issue 101
2008  Camera Arts, cover, (U. S.) Thy Kingdom Come portfolio
2007  LensWork, (U. S.) Portraits of Time portfolio,14 photos with interview
2007  Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain (UK) Article, A Noble Process 
2007  Silvershotz (International), Where Art Embraces Photography – 12 page spread
2007  F2 Freelance Photographer (UK)  
2007  Professional Photographer,  (UK) Getting Along Fine, interview
2006  The New York Sun, (U. S.) Noble Processes in a Digital Age    
2005  Art of the Narrative: Interpreting Visual Stories, Art Education (U. S.)
2002  Preview of Evocations, Art Week (U. S.)

The Museum of Fine Arts Houston
The Museum of Photographic Arts San Diego
The Fox Talbot Museum, United Kingdom

2011  Curators Choice, Canton Lumunaries
2009  World Wide Photography Gala Awards, 2 Honorable Mentions
2007  Favorite Portfolio - Les Rencontres d’Arles, France
2004  Golden Light Award - Top Photographer
2004  Special Merit  Award, Northern National

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