Barbara Hines

Born in Germany, Barbara Hines immigrated as a young child with her parents and sister to Australia.  Upon graduation from the University of Sydney, she returned to Dusseldorf, Germany to teach at a Gymnasium (German upper prep school), using summer vacations to study languages and art in France and Italy.  Hines later moved to New York City, enrolling at the New York School of Design, and going on to study environmental design at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn.  While raising a family in Houston and Colorado, Hines exhibited figure and still life.  During the mid 1990s, the Hines family moved to London, while at the same time continuing to visit Aspen and the South of France.  Her garden studios in the diverse landscapes enabled the artist to explore various media and paint freely on a large scale.  Hines unique approach to her most recent work is to pour paint in successive layers directly onto the canvas and move it about. Her paintings and works on paper are in private collections worldwide.


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